Where diversities leave perfectly together.

Client: KvARTal Kolektiv

KvARTal accommodates not only our office, but our souls too. So, with great pleasure, responsibly and professionally, as far as art could allow us, we’ve made some visuals to invite Sofia city residents and guests to discover the unique neighbourhood at the heart of the city.

KvARTal is a place where the old remains, and the new comes without replacing one another.
A place where differences attract each other to create a common atmosphere. A place where artists, their neighbours, gallerists, craftsmen, adults, youngsters, cats and everyone else feel at home, arranging and spreading, creating and walking, and turning diversity into coziness every day, and the kvartal (neighbourhood) in more of a kvARTal.

*kvARTal is an initiative for recognising the square between boulevards “G. S. Rakovski”, “Maria Luisa”, “Vasil Levski” and “Slivnitsa” as an arts & culture district of Sofia.